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Electric vehicles

Our transportation system produces more greenhouse gases than ever before. Our highways our clogged. We depend on polluting vehicles as much as ever. Sometimes you...

Mar 9, 2020 Blog Post

One way for cities to meet their climate goals is to electrify their fleets. But do cops want to drive electric cars?

Feb 26, 2020 Blog Post

The experience of six "early adopters" shows that electric buses can be reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective replacements for diesel vehicles.

Nov 1, 2019 Blog Post

The United States isn’t China or Norway, but their experiences show us that it is possible to transition away from fossil fuel-powered cars faster, and...

Oct 25, 2019 Blog Post
Lessons from Cities Pioneering Clean Transportation

Electric buses deliver important health and environmental benefits. Early adopters, however, have had to overcome technological and economic hurdles. Case studies from six electric bus...

Oct 10, 2019 Report
A Decade of Progress Toward a Clean Energy Future

America is in the midst of a clean energy revolution. Currently, wind and solar energy provide nearly 10 percent of our nation’s electricity and in...

Aug 22, 2019 Report

Electric vehicles (EVs) offer many benefits for California, including cleaner air and the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This infographic, from Frontier Group's 2019...

May 13, 2019 Blog Post

Can the dream of a new transportation future be as motivating as a brisk ride in a sleek new car? I think it can.

Apr 10, 2019 Blog Post
Five Ways California Can Improve Charging to Unleash the Power of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are an important tool for combatting global warming, and in order for California to meet its ambitious climate goals, many more Californians will...

Apr 4, 2019 Report

The environmental burden of transportation in the United States isn’t a vehicle problem, it’s a problem with our transportation system as a whole. Simply swapping...

Jan 3, 2019 Blog Post