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Methane Gas Leaks

Global warming solutions

Methane Gas Leaks

Methane gas - often known as natural gas - has been heating American homes for more than a century, and for over a century it has been prone to leaks that put public health, safety and the environment at risk. Federal data shows that a serious gas pipeline incident occurs somewhere in the U.S. every 40 hours on average. With electric alternatives to gas heating and appliances now available, it's clear that gas has no place in a modern clean energy system.


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Exposure to air pollution has been linked to brain damage, reproductive problems, cancer, and premature death.

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OK fine. Where d’you want to walk to?

Biking, walking & transit

OK fine. Where d’you want to walk to?

Walkability has become a highly sought-after neighborhood trait, but many American cities just aren’t designed for it. With more funding available today than ever before to invest in active modes of transportation, the door is wide open for that to change.

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