Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

James Horrox is a policy analyst at Frontier Group, based in Los Angeles. He holds a BA and PhD in politics and has taught at Manchester University, the University of Salford and the Open University in his native UK. He has worked as a freelance academic editor for more than a decade, and before joining Frontier Group in 2019 he spent two years as a prospect researcher in the Public Interest Network’s LA office. His writing has been published in various media outlets, books, journals and reference works.

James works on transportation and conservation issues, among others; his reports include Highway Boondoggles (2022, 2023), Transform Transportation (2021), and New Life for the Ocean (2021).

Posts by James Horrox
Back to school on an electric bus

Electric vehicles

Back to school on an electric bus

Just a few years ago, electric school buses were practically unheard of. Today, more than five million students across America attend school in a district with electric buses on the road - and that number is growing fast.

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