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Renewable Natural Gas is not your friend

Fossil fuel pollution

Renewable Natural Gas is not your friend

Renewable natural gas is not the climate-friendly alternative to conventional gas that the energy industry’s current PR offensive is making it out to be. Touting it as such is greenwashing, plain and simple, and delays our progress toward a genuine clean energy future.


Electric Fleets for Arizona

Electric vehicles

Electric Fleets for Arizona

Cities and towns in Arizona spend millions of dollars each year to purchase, fuel and maintain a wide variety of fleet vehicles – sedans, pickup trucks, emergency vehicles, passenger vans, road maintenance vehicles and many more. Nearly all those vehicles are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, which are costly and contribute to Arizona’s air pollution. Electric vehicles (EVs) can save money for cities and towns because they are cheaper to fuel and to maintain. A rarity just a decade ago, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly affordable and capable, and with automakers introducing new models every year, EVs are becoming a viable option for many of the tasks municipal vehicles are required to perform.


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