Frontier Group is 25!

For our 25th anniversary, we're taking a look back at the research we've produced, and the partnerships and people that made it possible.

California’s ambitious climate and clean energy goals depend on steady growth in rooftop solar power. Utilities, however, are pushing for dramatic reductions in compensation to solar customers that could disrupt that growth – cuts similar to those that have triggered dramatic declines in solar installations in other states. To avoid a “solar cliff,” California must learn from those cautionary examples and adopt policies that provide a solid foundation for future growth in rooftop solar.

As people look for alternatives to dirty transportation and new ways to get outside, many have turned to electric-powered-bicycles. Across the country, programs allowing e-bikes to be more readily accessible have shown promise in making the goal of free and clean transport a reality.

Clay Napurano

A look back at some of our favorite writing and thinking from the Frontier Group blog.

Gideon Weissman

With our phones constantly at our sides, feeding us ads that seem a bit too on the nose, many can’t help but wonder if our phones are eavesdropping on us. While there's no easy answer, the evidence points to no. However, there's a far more sinister reason why tech companies choose not to listen to our conversations: they already have all the information about us they could ever need.

Gabriella Lewis

Consumer complaints about digital wallets have skyrocketed as more people have turned to apps to manage their finances. Forbes explored our latest research, and the impact for consumers.

The Seattle Times reports on our New Life for the Ocean report, describing how marine protection areas can play a critical role in safeguarding vulnerable ocean ecosystems.

Utility companies are trying to undermine rooftop solar by making it more expensive. Our recent report Blocking Rooftop Solar cited in Popular Science

The US has the capacity now to build an energy system around renewable resources. Electrek takes a look at our We Have the Power report.

New England has the offshore wind resources to supply its electricity needs many times over. Yahoo News reports on our latest research and describes how offshore wind plans for the region may be about to take off.

Tony Dutzik joined John Stout of U.S. PIRG to write a Business Insider op-ed on why it's so important that Pete Buttigieg's controversial by-the-mile driving tax proposal "has helped to spark a new conversation."