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The current oil crash could soon mean hundreds, or even thousands more abandoned drilling sites. Who will pay to clean up the mess?

Gideon Weissman

A huge petrochemical plant is receiving $1.6 billion worth of subsidies from Pennsylvania. Does plastic manufacturing and fracking deserve that kind of support?

Adrian Pforzheimer

The current crisis calls upon us to build more resilience into our economy and our society; to build new structures so that even if a tightly coupled, highly complex global financial system does blow up, it won’t take all of us with it.

Tony Dutzik

What are the pitfalls and opportunities for electrifying transit bus fleets? Reuters takes a look, in its coverage of our new electric buses report.

Vox describes the laws that let dealerships sell potentially dangerous used cars, following our finding that 1 in 9 surveyed used vehicles sold at Autonation contain unrepaired safety recalls.

Gas taxes, tolls and other fees don't come close to covering the cost of roads. Senior policy anlyst Tony Dutzik spoke with Streetsblog to discuss how the U.S. subsidizes car dependence - and why that creates big costs for everyone.

Analyst R.J. Cross spoke with news outlets about new financial transparency efforts from states like Oklahoma, Maryland and Idaho.

In its coverage of Safe for Swimming?, our new report on beach water quality, the Boston Globe describes infrastructure improvements that Massachusetts can make to reduce sewer and stormwater pollution, and to keep beaches safe.

In Florida, where the Trump administration has proposed allowing offshore drilling, the Miami Herald covered our new report describing how drilling off our coasts damages not just ocean habitats, but onshore environments and communities too.