Methane gas - often known as natural gas - has been heating American homes for more than a century, and for over a century it has been prone to leaks that put public health, safety and the environment at risk. Federal data shows that a serious gas pipeline incident occurs somewhere in the U.S. every 40 hours on average. With electric alternatives to gas heating and appliances now available, it's clear that gas has no place in a modern clean energy system.

Could Americans’ high level of automobile travel actually be diminishing our societal health? It’s not crazy to think that it might. New research finds that America has gone well beyond the point at which new roads or more driving makes our society better off.

Tony Dutzik

EVs offer the promise of clean transportation, but recycling their batteries is no easy task. Researchers are looking to give end-of-life EV batteries a new purpose: in our power grid.

Amelia Lake

Properly thought-out tree-planting programs are an important line of defense against global warming. But there’s another strategy that could be just as valuable, if not more so: simply leaving our existing forests alone.

James Horrox

The Houston Chronicle covers our report Renewables on the Rise, looking at what the rapid growth of renewable energy generation nationwide means for Texas.

Gizmodo reports on our study of how superstores across the U.S. could contribute to the clean energy revolution.

The roof-space of big-box stores across the U.S. could house enough solar panels to power almost 8 million homes. The Washington Post takes a look at our recent Solar on Superstores report.

Our report on the rooftop solar potential of big-box stores covered in The Hill.

Every day, millions of Americans breathe polluted air. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports on our analysis in Trouble in the Air

Tony Dutzik joined John Stout of U.S. PIRG to write a Business Insider op-ed on why it's so important that Pete Buttigieg's controversial by-the-mile driving tax proposal "has helped to spark a new conversation."