Pollution, overfishing, offshore drilling and other destructive human activities are devastating our oceans. But we have the tools to change this course. New Life for the Ocean examines the science of marine protections, highlighting six success stories that show how marine protected areas can be effective tools to conserve and revive marine ecosystems and restore our ocean to health.

15 years of zombie dominance at the U.S. box office may reveal a lot about the real threats that keep us up at night.

R.J. Cross

The Biden administration's plan to electrify the entire federal vehicle fleet will not only cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by itself but can lead the way for broader electric vehicle adoption across the country.

J. David Lippeatt

After decades of protections, the world’s most famous coral reef shows the long-term benefits of marine protected areas for safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem resilience.

James Horrox

The New York Times cites our study with U.S. PIRG Education Fund on staff shortages at nursing homes in its report on the heavy burdens faced by the nation's healthcare workers.

Bloomberg Citylab took a deep dive into Highway Boondoggles 6, and the wasteful highway projects that continued to move forward "in a coronavirus-challenged year."

InvestigateTV looks into whether U.S. consumers should prepare for a wave of reposessions to sweep the country now that moratoriums are expiring, referencing our recent finding on record auto debt at the beginning of the pandemic.

Marketplace cited our study on PPE shortages at nursing homes in describing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Some of the nation's top states for renewable energy may surprise you: Forbes reports on the findings of Renewables on the Rise 2020.

Reuters described rising consumer complaints about financial products and the CFPB's response, citing our research with U.S. PIRG.