As hotspots of innovation and technical expertise, America’s colleges and universities should lead the transition to a clean energy system. Already, campuses across the country are benefiting from transitioning their electricity, heating and transportation systems to renewable energy. This series of factsheets lays out 11 strategies and tools to help campuses shift toward 100% clean, renewable energy.

On Veterans Day, we often think of the enormous challenges faced by American servicemembers: the grueling physical tests of training and operations; the pain of time away from loved ones; and the risk of physical danger in deployment overseas. One less-discussed challenge of military service is the unique vulnerability servicemembers and veterans can face to scams in the financial marketplace.

Gideon Weissman

Hurricane Season unfolds on our TV screens each year like a hit drama. But what are the long-lasting impacts on the people and communities that experience the effects of extreme weather first-hand?

Jon Sundby

National elected leaders would have us believe Republicans and Democrats are from different planets, unable to communicate, much less agree on anything. Last weekend I canvassed for a local city council candidate and received a welcome reminder that partisan identity isn’t at the top of voters’ list of concerns. People care more about issues and solving problems.

Elizabeth Ridlington

Frontier Group produced and aggregated resources on toxic and risky sites in the paths of Hurricanes Florence and Michael that may be useful to the public, the media and policy-makers.

Frontier Group's analysis of bacteria in Texas waterways was covered in outlets including Newsweek, the Houston Chronicle, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Senior policy analyst Tony Dutzik published an essay on the future of Boston's transportation system for WBUR's Cognoscenti.

Florida canceled plans to add toll roads along Interstate 275 in Tampa, a project that we highlighted as a "highway boondoggle" in our 2016 report.

The New York Times used coal ash data aggregated by Frontier Group in its overview of toxic threats in the path of Hurricane Florence.

An AP story reported on the finding from Trouble in the Air that the Las Vegas area had 145 days of poor air quality in 2016.