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Clean energy

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America now gets more than three times as much power from the wind, the sun and the earth as we did in 2012, with all 50 states now seeing clean energy growth.

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Frontier Group provides information and ideas to build a healthier, more sustainable America.

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Wasting our Waterways
This Dow Chemical facility in Freeport, TX released toxic substances to a local waterway in 2020.

Clean water

Wasting our Waterways

Polluters poured nearly 200 million pounds of toxic substances into U.S. waterways in 2020. We must strengthen Clean Water Act protections and reduce toxics use.


Trash in America
recycling bin overflowing with plastic

Recycling & compost

Trash in America

Our current system of consumption and disposal wastes natural resources and creates pollution that threatens our health, environment and the global climate. Trash in America explores how the costs of this system fall on society at large – not on the producers and consumers who drive it – and argues that America should move toward an economic system characterized by zero waste and a “closed-loop” economy in which less is consumed and all materials are reused, recycled and composted in a continuous cycle.