For 40 years, California’s landmark auto Lemon Law has offered protection and legal recourse to consumers who purchase seriously defective vehicles. While only a small share of defective vehicles ever end up in court, manufacturers vary widely in the frequency with which their vehicles are the subject of Lemon Law cases.

Developing just a fraction of California's immense offshore wind resources would be a big step towards achieving the state's climate and energy goals. The California Energy Commission's recent draft report lays the groundwork for the emergence of offshore wind.

Bryn Huxley-Reicher

Most gasoline in the U.S. is mixed with ethanol, but few of us know much about the system that produces so-called "renewable" fuels. From land use to climate impact: a dive into the data on ethanol.

Bryn Huxley-Reicher

Lots of companies make big claims about their sustainability. What does it mean to have a plan to reach net-zero emissions? And what makes such a plan truly ambitious?  

Adrian Pforzheimer

The Houston Chronicle covers our report Renewables on the Rise, looking at what the rapid growth of renewable energy generation nationwide means for Texas.

Gizmodo reports on our study of how superstores across the U.S. could contribute to the clean energy revolution.

The roof-space of big-box stores across the U.S. could house enough solar panels to power almost 8 million homes. The Washington Post takes a look at our recent Solar on Superstores report.

Our report on the rooftop solar potential of big-box stores covered in The Hill.

Every day, millions of Americans breathe polluted air. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports on our analysis in Trouble in the Air

Tony Dutzik joined John Stout of U.S. PIRG to write a Business Insider op-ed on why it's so important that Pete Buttigieg's controversial by-the-mile driving tax proposal "has helped to spark a new conversation."