Shining Cities 2018 ranks the largest U.S. cities by installed solar PV capacity and shows that effective public policies – more than the availability of sunlight – determine which cities have the most solar energy capacity installed. Even the top cities still have vast amounts of untapped solar energy potential, but fossil fuel interests and some utilities are working to slow solar energy’s rapid growth.

Nebraska, like my home state of Kansas, is landlocked. There are no beaches with washed up garbage and no sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish – reasons that citizens in places like California have come together to ban plastic bags. But Nebraskans, it turns out, have good reasons to ban the bag as well – even if those reasons aren’t always immediately obvious, even to those of us who were born and raised in the Midwest.

Rachel J. Cross

There is a better way. And if the auto industry’s short-sighted and ham-handed attack on tailpipe emissions standards helps the rest of us to visualize it more quickly, and commit the necessary resources to the task, perhaps we will one day come to see a silver lining in an otherwise dark and cloudy day.

Tony Dutzik

With more electric cars on the road, and many more coming soon, cities will face the challenge of where electric vehicles will charge, particularly in city centers and neighborhoods without off-street residential parking.

Alana Miller

The Denver Post provided coverage of our Troubled Waters report, which found that in recent years dozens of facilities in Colorado have violated the Clean Water Act and polluted waterways with dangerous bacteria and chemicals.

Wind Power to Spare was covered in a Think Progress piece detailing the enormous potential for Atlantic offshore wind to supply clean energy to the East Coast.

Senior Policy Analyst Tony Dutzik moderated a panel at the Shared Mobility Summit on the role of shared mobility in moving the nation toward carbon-free transportation.

The Portland Business Journal covered our report on the potential benefits of increasing health care price transparency in Oregon.

Frontier Group's report arguing that U.S. cities need to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the future was covered in the Dallas Morning News.

Following the Money was cited in a Morningstar report on transparency at the Port of Houston special district, which we gave the nation's top ranking for online financial transparency.