The Trump administration has proposed opening much of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans off the U.S. coast to offshore oil and gas drilling. The environmental dangers posed by offshore oil spills are well known. The damage to the environment, communities and public health from the onshore infrastructure needed to support offshore drilling is less well known, but no less real. Offshore Drilling, Onshore Damage highlights how the onshore pipelines, waste disposal facilities, ports and refineries that support offshore production endanger public health by polluting the air and water, and threaten wildlife and ecosystems.

In the face of climate change and the potential for recurring, devastating drought, California needs to rethink agriculture - including how, where, and which crops it produces.

Olivia Holmes

We should reexamine the degree to which we equate speed and rapid movement with “progress.” We should also give a leg up to slower travel modes – whether they be intercity trains, bikes or our own two feet – that may take a little longer but that can make us happier, healthier and more whole, while also reducing our impact on our communities and the environment.

Tony Dutzik

What does economics look like when resources are no longer scarce? And how can a doughnut help us visualize a new economic system for the 21st century?

Linus Lu

What are the pitfalls and opportunities for electrifying transit bus fleets? Reuters takes a look, in its coverage of our new electric buses report.

Vox describes the laws that let dealerships sell potentially dangerous used cars, following our finding that 1 in 9 surveyed used vehicles sold at Autonation contain unrepaired safety recalls.

Senior policy analyst Tony Dutzik helped The New York Times answer a question: What would happen if everybody in the United States cut back on driving?

Analyst R.J. Cross spoke with news outlets about new financial transparency efforts from states like Oklahoma, Maryland and Idaho.

In its coverage of Safe for Swimming?, our new report on beach water quality, the Boston Globe describes infrastructure improvements that Massachusetts can make to reduce sewer and stormwater pollution, and to keep beaches safe.

Following the release of Debit Cards on Campus, Wells Fargo announced that it would eliminate some fees on its campus debit cards.