From South Padre Island to Galveston Bay, and from the San Marcos River to Lake Lewisville, Texas rivers, lakes and beaches draw thousands of people every time the sun is out and the temperature is up. But many of the waterways where Texans love to play are sometimes too polluted for people to go swimming, tubing, or wading safely. An analysis of water testing data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) reveals that Texas beaches, rivers and lakes frequently exceed bacteria levels deemed safe under state law, indicating unsafe levels of fecal contamination.

Thousands of leaders from all over the world descended upon San Francisco last week for the first Global Climate Action Summit, hosted by the governor of California, Jerry Brown. The summit included disparate voices from all over the world, and they helped paint a picture of what the future of global climate action might look like.

Alana Miller

There are dozens of Superfund hazardous waste sites in states potentially affected by Hurricane Florence. Flooding of hazardous waste sites can result in toxic substances finding their way into flood waters and nearby communities.

Tony Dutzik

In Denver, our reliance on personal vehicles harms the environment and public health. So why is it so tough to give up my car? And what can we do to make it easier?

Meryl Compton

As Hurricane Florence approaches the southeastern U.S., Frontier Group has produced and aggregated resources that may be useful to the public, the media and policy-makers tracking the storm.

In a CNN opinion piece, policy analyst Alana Miller described the threat of oil and gas drilling to one of America's iconic natural areas: Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

An AP story reported on the finding from Trouble in the Air that the Las Vegas area had 145 days of poor air quality in 2016. 

Florida canceled plans to add toll roads along Interstate 275 in Tampa, a project that we highlighted as a "highway boondoggle" in our 2016 report.

Our latest Following the Money report sparked editorials calling for more government transparency in states including West Virginia and Rhode Island.

Our new report on the environmental benefits of electric buses was covered by the Washington Post and Associated Press.