The transition to new leadership in Washington, D.C., creates the opportunity for the nation to turn the page in a new year -- not just to heal the wounds of 2020, but also to position the nation for a better future. Infrastructure investment is a key tool in that process of recovery and renewal. Blueprint for America proposes a transformative infrastructure plan for the United States, which would make us healthier and safer, prioritize infrastructure repair, avoid investing in infrastructure likely to become “stranded assets,” and get the most out of every dollar invested by using our infrastructure efficiently

Back-up generators emit greenhouse gases and toxic gases, harming the environment and our health. Back-up batteries don't. We need policies nationwide that will make batteries the easy choice for homeowners. 

Jamie Friedman

While it’s no secret that many consumers are facing financial distress during COVID-19, data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can shed some light on just which financial issues consumers have been most affected by, and what kinds of help they need to get through the coming months.

Gideon Weissman

The growth in renewable energy has exceeded our wildest expectations over the past few decades. If we continue to set ambitious goals, a clean energy future is within reach.

Jamie Friedman

The Miami Herald cited our "Trash in America" report its powerful piece about waste in the time of COVID.

Some of the nation's top states for renewable energy may surprise you: Forbes reports on the findings of Renewables on the Rise 2020.

Reuters described rising consumer complaints about financial products and the CFPB's response, citing our research with U.S. PIRG.

The Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law, providing permanent funding for the Land & Water Conservation Fund. Frontier Group described LWCF benefits in a recent series of reports.

Newsweek used data from our Safe for Swimming report to describe water quality, and beach cleanup and monitoring efforts, by state.

Frontier Group worked with the U.S. PIRG Education Fund on a new report finding that, as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the financial situations of millions of Americans, consumer complaints to the CFPB have spiked to record levels.