What does the solar revolution look like in America's cities? Our seventh annual survey of solar energy in America’s biggest cities finds that solar energy is on the rise, and bringing big benefits -- and yet cities have only begun to tap their solar energy potential.

Our annual ranking finds that cities across the country are expanding their solar power capacities. When a good idea gains momentum, widespread public support and policy innovations follow.

Adrian Pforzheimer

Mortgage servicers failed Americans during the last recession. And if early data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is any indication, history may well be on its way to repeating.

Gideon Weissman

During the 2008 financial crisis, mortgage servicers failed their customers badly — losing track of payments, charging fictional fees, and “robo-signing” foreclosure documents. As homeowners now turn to their servicers for relief in a new crisis, should they expect the same mess all over again?

Gideon Weissman

Senior Policy Analyst Tony Dutzik moderated a panel on state-level climate policy at the National Shared Mobility Summit.

As Congress debates a new auto bailout, Gideon Weissman explained in Marketwatch how U.S. automakers failed to live up to their environmental and economic promises following the last bailout, and the lessons for this time around.

Policy analyst R.J. Cross spoke to Streetsblog USA about how the auto industry's loose lending standards promote more driving and more debt, and help perpetuate auto-dependence throughout our transportation system.

What are the pitfalls and opportunities for electrifying transit bus fleets? Reuters takes a look, in its coverage of our new electric buses report.

Vox describes the laws that let dealerships sell potentially dangerous used cars, following our finding that 1 in 9 surveyed used vehicles sold at Autonation contain unrepaired safety recalls.

In Florida, where the Trump administration has proposed allowing offshore drilling, the Miami Herald covered our new report describing how drilling off our coasts damages not just ocean habitats, but onshore environments and communities too.