Renewables on the Rise 2018 looks at a decade of growth of five key clean energy technologies: solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and energy storage. Progress over the last decade shows that clean energy technology can power American homes, businesses and industry – and that America is poised to accelerate its shift away from fossil fuels in the years ahead.

Over the last decade, technologies that can help America shift away from fossil fuels — like solar panels, wind turbines, LED light bulbs, energy storage and electric cars — have spread rapidly around the country. Use this interactive tool to view clean energy progress for your state.

Gideon Weissman

In an opinion piece for CNN, policy analyst Alana Miller argues that fossil fuel extraction has no place near America's most special places, like the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado.

Alana Miller

A future in which small-scale electric and manually-powered mobility can work its transformative magic is one in which our cities must make a bold commitment to reallocating space on our streets – giving small, slow, light vehicles at least as much priority as big, heavy ones.

Tony Dutzik

The Washington Post reported on one of the new 2018 highway boondoggles: Maryland's $9 billion "Traffic Relief Plan."

In a CNN opinion piece, policy analyst Alana Miller described the threat of oil and gas drilling to one of America's iconic natural areas: Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

An AP story reported on the finding from Trouble in the Air that the Las Vegas area had 145 days of poor air quality in 2016. 

Florida canceled plans to add toll roads along Interstate 275 in Tampa, a project that we highlighted as a "highway boondoggle" in our 2016 report.

Our latest Following the Money report sparked editorials calling for more government transparency in states including West Virginia and Rhode Island.

Our new report on the environmental benefits of electric buses was covered by the Washington Post and Associated Press.