Colleges and universities are leading the transition to 100% renewable energy. Top campuses are already getting 100% or more of their power from clean sources, using energy more efficiently, and employing clean electric vehicles.

America's Top Colleges for Renewable Energy 2020 highlights the schools that are already tapping the power of the sun, wind and other renewable sources to power their campuses, as well as those schools that have made ambitious clean energy commitments for the future. 

Americans cooking at home these days are putting a higher value on good food. Europeans love quality food and support strong food safety rules. We should push our regulators to follow Europe’s lead and ensure our food is safe and nutritious.

J. David Lippeatt

The clothing industry is responsible for a huge carbon footprint. Rather than contributing to the problem, we as consumers can be a part of the solution by buying less clothing and reusing what we already have before donating it.

Jamie Friedman

What happens when policymakers prioritize highway ribbon cutting ceremonies over repairs to critical infrastructure?

Gideon Weissman

The Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law, providing permanent funding for the Land & Water Conservation Fund. Frontier Group described LWCF benefits in a recent series of reports.

Newsweek used data from our Safe for Swimming report to describe water quality, and beach cleanup and monitoring efforts, by state.

Frontier Group worked with the U.S. PIRG Education Fund on a new report finding that, as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the financial situations of millions of Americans, consumer complaints to the CFPB have spiked to record levels.

Senior policy analyst Tony Dutzik spoke with Streetsblog USA about how to restore balance to a transportation funding system in which drivers pick up less and less of the cost of the roads they use.

The Associated Press described sources of beach pollution in New Jersey in its coverage of our report, Safe for Swimming?.

In Florida, where the Trump administration has proposed allowing offshore drilling, the Miami Herald covered our new report describing how drilling off our coasts damages not just ocean habitats, but onshore environments and communities too.