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Wasting Our Waterways: Industrial Pollution and the Clean Water Act

More than 40 years after passage of the Clean Water Act, industrial polluters continue to release more than 206 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s waterways each year. Wasting Our Waterways - our third assessment of toxic industrial pollution of America's waterways - uses data from the EPA's Toxics Release Inventory to quantify the amount of toxic chemicals industrial facilities released into rivers, lakes and other waterways nationwide and names the states and waterways with the greatest releases of chemicals linked to environmental toxicity and various human health effects.

With the Obama administration proposing rules to assure Clean Water Act protection for waterways that were put at risk by a series of Supreme Court decisions, Wasting Our Waterways serves as a timely reminder of the continued threats facing our rivers, lakes and ocean waters and of the need for strong protection for all of America's waterways. (Photo: James Holland) (6/19/14)