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New Report:
Who Pays for Parking?

The United States currently spends $7.3 billion per year to encourage people to drive to work through the federal income tax exclusion for commuter parking. The “commuter parking benefit” puts more cars on the road in our most congested cities at the most congested times of day––exactly the opposite of what most cities want or need. Who Pays for Parking? documents the cost of the commuter parking for cities and highlights tools cities can use to reclaim their streets.

Other Recent Highlights 

  • A Chicago Sun-Times editorial calling for Illinois to become a solar energy leader cited Frontier Group's study of solar energy's grid impact.
  • In August, Frontier Group welcomed two new policy associates to our staff: Hye-Jin Kim and Teague Morris. Welcome aboard!
  • An article in CBS News cited Renewables on the Rise to highlight the dramatic rise of clean energy over the last decade.
  • The Denver Post interviewed Tony Dutzik about the city's transportation future.
  • Tony Dutzik spoke about innovative mobility at the Aspen Institute's Community Forum for Transportation and Mobility in Colorado.