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Webinar: Uniting States for 100% Renewable Energy

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Last week, Senior Policy Analyst Tony Dutzik joined Environment America in a webinar about the states’ progress toward 100% renewable energy.  That gave us a chance to publicly preview the upcoming 2022 edition of Renewables on the Rise — our annual report on the state of renewable energy uptake across the nation.  To see Tony’s short presentation, skip to 21:06 in the video — but we highly recommend watching what precedes that (Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson’s encapsulated answer to the question “Is 100% renewable power possible?”), as well as what follows (advocates and state officials from California, Rhode Island and New York describing just how their states’ progress came about).


Susan Rakov

Managing Director, Frontier Group; Senior Vice President, The Public Interest Network

Susan Rakov is the Director of Frontier Group, The Public Interest Network's research and policy development center. Frontier Group’s work informs public debate about degradations to the environment and public health, threats to consumer rights and democracy, and the available routes to a better future. Susan lives with her family in Santa Barbara, Calif., where she is an advocate for public education and an amateur singer/songwriter.

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