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Solar on Warehouses

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Solar on Warehouses

Solar power is getting cheaper and more efficient all the time, and America should take advantage of untapped solar energy opportunities, including the billions of square feet of warehouse rooftops across the country.


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Today, just nine U.S. cities have more installed solar power than the entire country had a decade ago.

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Kansas: Evergy pushes to price solar out of the state

Utility watchdog

Kansas: Evergy pushes to price solar out of the state

Kansas utilities fought to kill net metering and managed to get incentives for solar owners slashed. Not satisfied, one of the utilities, Evergy, tried to impose new fees on solar owners that the Kansas Supreme Court described as illegal price discrimination. Evergy's amended rate proposal, which repackaged those very same fees, was rejected by state regulators, but is still being charged to customers in some parts of the state.  

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