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PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” are widely used in consumer products that make our lives easier. These products that contain PFAS offer consumers convenience – but...

Jan 19, 2022 Blog Post
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How PFAS put Marylanders’ health at risk, and what we can do about it

PFAS, or "forever chemicals," are used in non-stick pans, paper products, textiles, firefighting foam, electronics and other products. However, PFAS are dangerous for public health....

Dec 16, 2021 Report

A 100-year-old postcard and its surprising link to the EPA's recent ban of a dangerous pesticide.

Sep 14, 2021 Blog Post

Americans cooking at home these days are putting a higher value on good food. Europeans love quality food and support strong food safety rules. We...

Sep 25, 2020 Blog Post

American farmers are trapped in a toxic cycle of pesticide and herbicide use. Breaking our reliance on pesticides, including dicamba and glyphosate, is a crucial...

Apr 9, 2019 Blog Post

Late last year, I took a trip with a friend to watch the demolition of the retired Mt. Tom coal-fired power plant in Holyoke, Massachusetts....

Feb 8, 2019 Blog Post
Toxic Threats to Our Rivers, Lakes, and Streams

Our lakes, rivers, streams and creeks provide us with water to drink, give character to our most beautiful natural places, and give us places to...

Feb 7, 2019 Report

Protecting our health from toxic threats requires stronger regulation along with development of less chemically intensive systems and safer substitutes for dangerous chemicals.

Jan 3, 2019 Blog Post
Insights from the Interactive Online Map and Recommendations

The Delaware River basin is unique. And uniquely important. Yet, industry, urban development, agriculture, transportation of fossil fuels and many other activities pose serious threats...

Dec 20, 2018 Report

We worked with PennEnvironment to identify Allegheny County’s Toxic Ten – the 10 active facilities emitting the most toxic air pollution in the county. These...

Feb 27, 2018 Blog Post