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Our Mission

Frontier Group provides information and ideas to build a healthier, more sustainable America. Our experts and writers deliver timely research and analysis that is accessible to the public, applying insights gleaned from diverse fields of knowledge to arrive at new ideas for solving pressing problems.

We address the problems that emerge, paradoxically, from our nation’s material and technological wealth – the problems of abundance.

Modern material abundance has erased many of the hardships of the past. But our world’s prosperity is accompanied by linked crises of waste, pollution, the ravaging of land and species, and the fraying of our social fabric – crises that are exacerbated by the continued quest to grow the economy in the same old ways. As we move through the 21st century, these crises are only intensifying.

To ensure a future in which all people and all of our children can live healthy and meaningful lives, we need a new way forward.

At Frontier Group we use the tools of research and analysis to illuminate that new way. We work to promote and protect core elements of a happy human life: clean air and water, healthy and sustainable food, meaningful connections with one another and with the natural world that surrounds us, and institutions – from the marketplace to the government – that support flourishing communities.

And we strive to point out the opportunities afforded by a moment when profound change is both more possible and more urgently needed than ever.

The Mary Leah Braun Fellowship

Mary Leah Braun was a remarkable young woman who worked with the Frontier Group and other organizations in the Public Interest Network before her untimely death in April 2006. The Mary Leah Braun Fellowship was dedicated in her honor in the summer of 2007. For more information about the fellowship and its recipients, click here.

Who We Are

Areas of expertise: clean energy, new economy
Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst
Areas of expertise: Transportation, Global Warming, clean energy
Associate Director and Senior Policy Analyst
Areas of expertise: clean air, clean cars, fracking
Policy Analyst
Areas of expertise: tax policy, Democracy, new economy
Policy Analyst
Areas of expertise: conservation, Transportation, Urban Design
Policy Analyst
Areas of expertise: new economy, clean energy