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Wind Energy

A Decade of Progress Toward a Clean Energy Future

America is in the midst of a clean energy revolution. Currently, wind and solar energy provide nearly 10 percent of our nation’s electricity and in...

Aug 22, 2019 Report

Large public research universities, small liberal arts colleges and community colleges alike, from every corner of the country, are turning to renewable energy to reduce...

May 28, 2019 Blog Post
Tools for Moving Your Campus to 100% Clean Energy

As hotspots of innovation and technical expertise, America’s colleges and universities should lead the transition to a clean energy system. Already, campuses across the country...

Oct 16, 2018 Report

A dramatic change that was just beginning a decade ago is still picking up steam. It’s a change that is making the world cleaner, safer,...

Jul 20, 2018 Blog Post
A Decade of Progress Toward a Clean Energy Future

Renewables on the Rise 2018 looks at a decade of growth of five key clean energy technologies: solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, electric vehicles,...

Jul 17, 2018 Report

Over the last decade, technologies that can help America shift away from fossil fuels — like solar panels, wind turbines, LED light bulbs, energy storage...

Jul 17, 2018 Blog Post

States on the Atlantic, which use one quarter of the nation's energy, need a big and accessible clean energy resource in order to get off...

Mar 23, 2018 Blog Post
The Enormous Energy Potential of Atlantic Offshore Wind

The Atlantic coast states are dependent on fossil fuels, which pollute our air, put our health at risk, and contribute to global warming. To achieve...

Mar 22, 2018 Report

Nationally, the two biggest culprits for global warming emissions are transportation and power plants. Electric vehicles may be able to help with both.

Feb 15, 2018 Blog Post

Local clean energy map and data for Washington towns and cities, based on data from the new report Road to a Fossil Free Washington.

Feb 15, 2018 Blog Post