Where the Action Is


This morning, the New York Times editorial page took notice of our recent report, America on the Move (which we co-authored with Environment America Research & Policy Center), citing the pioneering clean energy work of cities and states.

"Instead of finding reasons to do nothing," the Times editorial read, "Congress should build on these [state and local] actions to fashion a national response to climate change."

The Times editorial builds on the argument we made in America on the Move, which is that while Congress has stalled in taking meaningful action on global warming, America - its states, local governments, and increasingly, the executive branch - has not. The last decade has seen policy-makers build a strong track record of practical and effective policies to reduce global warming pollution - policies that are now beginning to make a real difference in the nation's emission profile.

However, the Times editorial also reminds us that, however exciting and consequential state action over the last decade has been, Congress needs to act if America is going to truly take leadership on the global stage.

The editorial can be found here.