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Toxic Industrial Pollution and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Clean Water Act

Nearly four decades after enactment of the Clean Water Act, industrial facilities continue to dump hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s...

Oct 1, 2009 Report
Southwest Data Shows the Promise of Efficiency

Rapid population growth, excessive water consumption, water pollution, and years of drought have depleted the Southwest’s natural water reserves and put the region at greater...

Aug 26, 2008 Report
Better Oversight of Development Is Necessary to Prevent Runoff Pollution

From the Sugar River south of Madison to the Lake Michigan shoreline, the excess flow of runoff pollution into Wisconsin’s waterways has led to serious...

Jan 26, 2007 Report
A Comprehensive Look at Contamination of Fish in Local Waterways

Maryland newborns and children each year. Mercury Pollution in Maryland presents an analysis of data from nearly 2,000 fish tested by state agencies; 59 percent...

Apr 26, 2006 Report
How Low-Impact Development Can Reduce Runoff Pollution in Michigan

In the last decade, it has become increasingly clear that irresponsible land use must be controlled in order to restore and protect Michigan waterways and...

Oct 26, 2005 Report
The Need for Aggressive Action to Protect Florida's Rivers and Streams from Nutrient Runoff

The excess flow of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, into Florida’s waterways has led to serious water quality problems—ranging from dramatic changes in the distribution...

Dec 26, 2004 Report
How Weak Permitting and Enforcement Have Failed to Curb High Levels of Toxic Discharge into Wisconsin's Waterways

Thirty years after the passage of the Clean Water Act, Wisconsin waterways continue to be the dumping grounds for high levels of pollution. Weak enforcement...

Sep 26, 2004 Report