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On a per-commuter basis, congestion levels are lower than they were five years ago, or even a decade ago.

Jan 21, 2011 Blog Post
Setting the Record Straight on Transportation Funding

Highway advocates often claim that roads "pay for themselves" through gas taxes and other so-called "user fees." Do Roads Pay for Themselves? debunks this and...

Jan 16, 2011 Report
High-Speed Rail Around the World and its Promise for America

As America moves toward construction of new high-speed rail networks in regions throughout the country, we have much to learn from experiences abroad. A Track...

Nov 16, 2010 Report

It is not surprising that the availability of real-time data for bus service -- which the MBTA has been gradually rolling out now for some...

Oct 7, 2010 Blog Post
How a Faster Passenger Rail Network Could Speed Travel and Boost the Economy

The Midwest’s congested airports and crammed highways hinder travel around the region. As the main source of our dependence on oil, our transportation system also...

Sep 16, 2010 Report

With more local and state governments finding themselves in budget trouble, look for more of these sketchy asset privatization deals in which governments sell off...

Aug 25, 2010 Blog Post

It is critical that our nation’s future transportation investment decisions not be driven by “unfrozen” policies from a very different time, nor inaccurate notions about...

Aug 6, 2010 Blog Post

High-speed rail is no panacea, but it is a powerful tool that has been used to positive effect elsewhere in the world.

Jun 29, 2010 Blog Post
Powering America Toward a Cleaner Future

America's current fleet of cars and trucks leaves us dependent on oil, and contributes to air pollution that fuels global warming and harms our health....

Jun 20, 2010 Report
The Benefits of High-Speed Rail Around the World and What's in Store for California

As California moves toward construction of a new high-speed rail network, the state has much to learn from experiences abroad. High-speed rail lines have operated...

Jun 16, 2010 Report