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The Case for Building a 21st Century Public Transportation Network in Maryland

Transportation is an urgent problem for Maryland. Heavy automobile traffic is stealing time from Maryland families and businesses, and forcing consumers to burn more money...

Mar 1, 2009 Report
Key Public Transportation Projects and Their Benefits for Massachusetts

Public transportation makes a vital contribution to Massachusetts’ transportation system, relieving congestion, reducing our dependence on oil, curbing pollution, stimulating the economy, and helping to...

Oct 26, 2008 Report
Good Investments for Pennsylvania's Public Transit System

Pennsylvania has long spent more public resources on highways than on transit. While Pennsylvania’s highway system provides the Keystone State with increased mobility, the historic...

Sep 26, 2008 Report
Meeting America's Transportation Needs with Modern Public Transit

Public transportation in America saves vast amounts of oil, reduces highway congestion, curbs emissions of global warming pollutants, and provides a host of other benefits....

Mar 26, 2008 Report
Policy Options for Rhode Island to Reduce Global Warming Pollution from Cars and Light Trucks

Cars and light trucks produce 25 percent of Rhode Island’s global warming pollution. Cars and Global Warming explains how Rhode Island could reduce global warming...

Dec 26, 2005 Report
Strategies to Promote Vibrant Communities

Transit-oriented development—mixed residential and commercial districts that allow residents to walk, drive or ride transit—can improve quality of life in urban areas and encourage more...

Jan 26, 2005 Report
The Potential Role of Hydrogen in Achieving a Clean, Sustainable Transportation System

The use of hydrogen as a fuel for cars and trucks has been touted as an environmentally responsible way to end America’s dependence on foreign...

Aug 26, 2004 Report
The Failure of Road-Building to Alleviate Traffic Congestion in Maryland

Despite spending millions of dollars to build 7,000 lane mile to its road network from 1985 to 2000, Maryland’s congestion problem continues to get worse....

Apr 26, 2002 Report
How Highway Construction Has Contributed to Sprawl in Maryland

Highway construction has been a key factor creating sprawl in Maryland. Data shows that highways intended to serve the needs of existing communities and alleviate...

Nov 26, 2000 Report