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Public Health

The Case for a Strong Cleanup Standard for Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water

Perchlorate, the primary ingredient in solid rocket fuel, contaminates much of California’s food and water supply. In an attempt to limit liability for causing the...

Jan 26, 2005 Report
Alternatives to Incineration

Maryland’s hospitals and health care facilities annually classify more than 35,000 tons of waste as regulated medical waste that must be sterilized before disposal. Incineration...

Dec 26, 2004 Report
Cutting Health-Threatening Air Pollution 50% by 2010

Despite progress made over the past several decades, California continues to have the worst air quality in the nation. During his campaign for governor in...

Aug 26, 2004 Report
The Benefits of Today's Advanced-Technology Vehicles for Maryland

Despite tighter automobile emission standards over the past three decades, many states continue to face significant automobile-related air pollution problems. <i>Ready to Roll: The Benefits...

Jul 1, 2004 Report
Chemical Exposures and Increases in Developmental Disease

Problems like premature birth; male genital defects; learning, attention, and emotional disturbances; early puberty; obesity; and low sperm quality have been increasing in California and...

Jun 26, 2004 Report
Road-Building and Air Pollution in America's Cities

While stronger regulations have resulted in cars that are far cleaner than those of three decades ago, the air in many American cities remains dangerous...

Mar 26, 2004 Report