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Public Health

Industrial livestock agriculture is a threat to public health and the environment. It’s time to look at alternatives.

May 11, 2020 Blog Post

A history of painful experience shows us that averting future home-grown pandemics begins with transitioning away from factory farms.

Apr 23, 2020 Blog Post

The current oil crash could soon mean hundreds, or even thousands more abandoned drilling sites. Who will pay to clean up the mess?

Apr 3, 2020 Blog Post

The current crisis calls upon us to build more resilience into our economy and our society; to build new structures so that even if a...

Mar 30, 2020 Blog Post

Policymakers can ensure that members of the public can fully engage with the policy process, even as we're hunkered down due to coronavirus. But some...

Mar 26, 2020 Blog Post
Information and ideas related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Frontier Group and its partner groups, including U.S. PIRG and Environment America, are producing work related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the headline above for...

Mar 26, 2020 Report

Though the right response to wildfire often involves fleeing and the correct response to the coronavirus is to stay home, successful responses to public...

Mar 25, 2020 Blog Post

The concept of “flattening the curve” isn’t just applicable to the management of a deadly pandemic – it also brings insights for how we might...

Mar 24, 2020 Blog Post

Now, with people struggling and in fear, is no time to prioritize bailing out the cruise ship industry or the fracking industry. When it comes...

Mar 12, 2020 Blog Post
Millions of Americans Breathed Polluted Air in 2018

People across America regularly breathe polluted air that increases their risk of premature death, and can also trigger asthma attacks and other adverse health impacts....

Jan 28, 2020 Report