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Safe for Swimming?

Clean water

Safe for Swimming?

The Clean Water Act, adopted in 1972, set the goal of making all of our waterways safe for swimming. Nearly a half-century later, Americans visiting their favorite beach are still met all too often by advisories warning that the water is unsafe for swimming. Safe for Swimming? assesses water qulity at our nation's coastal and Great Lakes beaches, and highlights strategies for keeping our swimming areas free of dangerous pollution, now and for the future.


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Over the last half century, marine vertebrate populations have declined by nearly 50%.

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The Land and Water Conservation Fund and Why it Matters

Wildlife & wild places

The Land and Water Conservation Fund and Why it Matters

From sports fields and playgrounds to the great unspoiled wildernesses of our national parks, many of the natural lands that have escaped development have only been able to do so thanks to a federal program working in the background to support land conservation across the United States.

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