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The ability to see how government uses the public purse is fundamental to democracy. Budget transparency checks corruption, bolsters public confidence in government, and promotes...

Oct 16, 2009 Report
The Need for Transparency and Accountability in Chicago’s Public Asset Lease Deals

Chicago is at the forefront of the trend toward privatization of public assets. Since 2005, the city has leased a major toll road, four city-owned...

Oct 1, 2009 Report
The Facts About Toll Road Privatization and How to Protect the Public

Toll road privatization is becoming an increasingly important trend in the United States, with major implications for the public interest. Several states have sold off,...

Mar 16, 2009 Report
How Out-of-District Fundraising Weakens Democracy in North Carolina

Out-of-district financial contributions from special interests and wealthy individuals undermine democracy in North Carolina by reducing the influence of citizens who live in a candidate’s...

Apr 26, 2007 Report
11 Ideas for Protecting the Environment and Easing Maryland's Fiscal Crisis

Eleven fiscally sound and environmentally friendly “green budget” policies evaluated in this report could help the State of Maryland ease its budget crisis while discouraging...

Jun 15, 2004 Report
Michigan's Failure to Limit Contributions to PACs

Michigan’s campaign finance laws allow citizens to make large donations to individual candidates and unlimited contributions to political action committees (PACs), undermining the ability of...

Feb 26, 2004 Report