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Assuring Affordability, Reliability, Accountability, and Balance After a Decade of Restructuring

The restructuring of the electric industry during the 1990s was touted as a way to reduce costs for consumers and promote innovation and competition. But,...

Jun 26, 2004 Report
11 Ideas for Protecting the Environment and Easing Maryland's Fiscal Crisis

Eleven fiscally sound and environmentally friendly “green budget” policies evaluated in this report could help the State of Maryland ease its budget crisis while discouraging...

Jun 15, 2004 Report
An Analysis of Connecticut's Emission Reduction Goals, Current Strategies, and Opportunities for Progress

In 2001, the governors of the six New England states made an historic commitment to reduce their region’s emissions of global warming pollution. Connecticut Responds...

Mar 26, 2004 Report
Volatility in Future Energy Supply and Price from Over-Dependence on Natural Gas

In response to the 2000-2001 energy crisis on the West Coast, Washington state policy makers rushed to approve and encourage the construction of as many...

Sep 26, 2003 Report
Achieving a Cleaner, More Reliable Electric System

The Northeast blackout of 2003 showed yet again that today's cumbersome, centralized power grid linked to fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants is a costly,...

Sep 15, 2003 Report