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Healthy Parks, Healthy People

Wildlife & wild places

Healthy Parks, Healthy People

A surge in visitors to public lands across the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated just how much we crave the outdoors. With visitor numbers expected to remain high, we need to create more opportunities for outdoor recreation and better protect the ones we have. New factsheets created with Environment America describe the surge in visitation to parks and natural areas in Arizona, Colorado and Nevada and the benefits of land preservation programs such as the federal Land & Water Conservation Fund.


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Since March 2020, nearly 100 million people in the U.S. have been infected with COVID-19, and more than 1 million have died.

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CFPB data shows consumers are “struggling to pay” during the pandemic

Consumer alerts

CFPB data shows consumers are “struggling to pay” during the pandemic

While it’s no secret that many consumers are facing financial distress during COVID-19, data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can shed some light on just which financial issues consumers have been most affected by, and what kinds of help they need to get through the coming months.

COVID-19 is bad. Dirty air makes it worse.

Clean air

COVID-19 is bad. Dirty air makes it worse.

Several recent studies have suggested that air pollution may make COVID-19 infections more severe. These findings fit with previous research documenting how air pollution damages our bodies and makes us more vulnerable to infectious diseases. This new research should spur us to redouble our efforts to reduce air pollution.

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