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Consumer Protection

California Consumers' Search for Answers About How Companies Share Their Personal Information

Consumers often have little knowledge of, or control over, how companies with which they do business share their personal information. In 2003, California enacted the...

Dec 1, 2007 Report
How Exelon's Bid to Acquire PSEG Could Raise Rates, Reduce Reliability, and Risk Public Safety

In December 2004, Chicago-based Exelon Corporation announced plans to acquire Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), the last remaining New Jersey-based energy company that hasn’t been...

Nov 22, 2005 Report
How Consumers Benefit From Personal Information Safeguards

Federal regulation riddled with loopholes has left large bank conglomerates and other financial institutions with too much leeway to share consumers’ private information and too...

Feb 22, 2004 Report
Achieving a Cleaner, More Reliable Electric System

The Northeast blackout of 2003 showed yet again that today's cumbersome, centralized power grid linked to fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants is a costly,...

Sep 15, 2003 Report