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Consumer Protection

The Value of Rooftop Solar Power for Consumers and Society

Net energy metering has been instrumental in the rapid growth of solar energy in the United States, making it more affordable for people to “go...

Jun 24, 2015 Report

The EPA concludes that fracking is linked to “important vulnerabilities to drinking water resources.” Translation: Fracking threatens water quality. Period.

Jun 9, 2015 Blog Post

Before we decide to raise, or not raise, the MBTA’s fares, it is important that we understand how much we have already raised them.

Apr 21, 2015 Blog Post

If you don’t eat meat or work on a farm, are the dangerous resistant bacteria that develop in livestock a threat to your health?

Apr 21, 2015 Blog Post

Allowing consumers to post their complaint narratives online is just the latest example of the CFPB’s leadership in protecting Americans from unscrupulous financial services firms....

Apr 10, 2015 Blog Post

A weakened CFPB would be a return to the days of minimal accountability around some of the most important transactions consumers make over the course...

Feb 2, 2015 Blog Post

We welcomed the new year with a series of blog posts covering a number of our issue areas. Policy analysts reviewed developments and opportunities as...

Jan 27, 2015 Blog Post
The 29th Annual Survey of Toy Safety

Despite strong standards for toy safety established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), toy companies continue to sell potentially dangerous toys. Trouble in Toyland...

Dec 1, 2014 Report

It is time for public interest advocates to articulate and fight for a new conception of “right to know” – one that is more expansive,...

Jul 3, 2014 Blog Post

The public policy landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before – presenting new challenges on a nearly weekly basis. Sometimes, the solutions to those...

Jul 1, 2014 Blog Post