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The history of urban policy over the last century suggests that the words we use to describe our city neighborhoods matter – a lot.

Sep 7, 2016 Blog Post

This weekend, for my son’s birthday party, we invited a handful of his friends to meet us in downtown Santa Rosa for a movie and...

Feb 1, 2016 Blog Post
The Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Land Owned by the University of Texas System

As the state’s flagship educational institution and a significant landholder, the University of Texas has a particular responsibility to protect the environment, Texas’ special places...

Sep 8, 2015 Report

Since its launch in 2011, FracFocus, a government- and industry-funded website, has been the only place where Americans could learn the details about chemicals and...

Jul 2, 2015 Blog Post

Earlier this month, Bill Gates made headlines around the world by drinking a glass of water. Five minutes beforehand, it had been human sewage.

Jan 29, 2015 Blog Post

We welcomed the new year with a series of blog posts covering a number of our issue areas. Policy analysts reviewed developments and opportunities as...

Jan 27, 2015 Blog Post

To conflate today’s mild and tenuous suburban growth advantage over cities with yesterday’s rampant suburban sprawl is to lead people to believe that the post-recession...

Jan 26, 2015 Blog Post

There’s a big danger in attempting to trivialize, define away or ignore the issues surrounding gentrification. In the places where gentrification is happening, those issues...

Jan 16, 2015 Blog Post

Young Americans – both Democrat and Republican – are far more likely to express a desire to live in cities than older Americans.

Jun 17, 2014 Blog Post

Raising our kids in the city is one of the best choices my wife and I ever made. Perhaps, if those of us who care...

Jan 16, 2014 Blog Post