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Why should we worry that rivers and bayous in the middle of our cities be safe enough for swimming? A better question might be: Why...

Sep 7, 2018 Blog Post
Bacteria Pollution in Texas Beaches and Waterways Threatens Public Health

From South Padre Island to Galveston Bay, and from the San Marcos River to Lake Lewisville, Texas rivers, lakes and beaches draw thousands of people...

Aug 30, 2018 Report

In an opinion piece for CNN, policy analyst Alana Miller argues that fossil fuel extraction has no place near America's most special places, like the...

Jun 25, 2018 Blog Post
Uranium Mining Threatens a National Treasure - 2018 Update

Uranium mining is among the riskiest industrial activities in the world. Every uranium mine ever operated in the United States has required some degree of...

May 31, 2018 Report

On broken appliances and a broken system.

May 17, 2018 Blog Post
Coal Ash Ponds Put Our Waterways at Risk

When coal-fired power plants burn coal, they leave behind toxic ash waste. Often, this ash waste is stored in uncovered ponds that are susceptible to...

Apr 30, 2018 Report

Nebraska, like my home state of Kansas, is landlocked. There are no beaches with washed up garbage and no sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for...

Apr 5, 2018 Blog Post

A Swedish power plant has a surprising source of energy: discarded clothing. The mental double-take we do at the idea of burning clothing for electricity...

Mar 14, 2018 Blog Post

Frontier Group director Susan Rakov's letter to the editor printed in the LA Times argues that we have the tools to reduce waste.

Mar 5, 2018 Blog Post
Moving From Destructive Consumption to a Zero-Waste System

The U.S. produces immense amounts of trash. Currently, we extract natural resources to make products that we buy, use – usually briefly – and ultimately...

Feb 12, 2018 Report