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Clean Air and Water

Estimating the costs of losing the Clean Power Plan using newly released data from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration.

May 17, 2016 Blog Post

Society's problems are not simple, but they are solvable if we follow a few basic principles.

May 9, 2016 Blog Post
The Damage to Our Water, Land and Climate from a Decade of Dirty Drilling

Fracking has led to tremendous environmental harm and put the health and safety of communities across the country at risk. Since 2005, according to industry...

Apr 14, 2016 Report
Clean Air, Green Jobs, and Financial Savings

Solar energy is booming across the country, and with good reason. Solar panels generate emission-free energy, at a price increasingly competitive with electricity generated from...

Mar 10, 2016 Report
How the Roofs of Big Box Stores Can Help America Shift to Clean Energy

America must take advantage of untapped opportunities to install solar technologies, like using rooftops of large superstores and “big box” retail stores as hosts for...

Feb 16, 2016 Report

2015 was the warmest year on Earth since recordkeeping began in 1880. Furthermore, temperatures in 2015 broke the previous record, set in 2014, by the...

Jan 27, 2016 Blog Post

Last month, the Nevada Public Utility Commission voted to put in place new rates and charges for solar customers that could kill the growth of...

Jan 25, 2016 Blog Post

America’s drive toward a clean energy future got a big boost this week after Congress renewed two key tax incentives for renewable electricity—the Production Tax...

Dec 21, 2015 Blog Post

Our new interactive extreme weather map , released with Environment America, shows weather-related disasters in every U.S. county over the last five years.

Nov 12, 2015 Blog Post
The Allegheny County Polluters That Are Fouling Our Air and Threatening Our Health

Residents of the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which includes Pittsburgh, suffer from among the worst air quality in the nation. For example, the county ranks in...

Oct 26, 2015 Report