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Clean Air and Water

The federal infrastructure bill passed by Congress in November includes funding to replace some of the lead service lines that contaminate the drinking water to...

Mar 4, 2022 Blog Post

Abundance of good things is a good thing. And a political agenda designed to get more good things to more people is a worthwhile...

Feb 17, 2022 Blog Post
Frontier Group logo with compass replaced by snowflake

As the calendar flips to 2022, the challenges facing America have rarely felt as stark. And yet, the past year - Frontier Group’s 25th...

Jan 4, 2022 Blog Post
U.S. map with watersheds and slaughterhouse locations

To better understand the burden of slaughterhouse pollution in waterways across the U.S., Frontier Group and Environment America Research & Policy Center mapped the location...

Dec 10, 2021 Blog Post
woman wearing mask against air pollution
Millions of Americans breathed polluted air in 2020

Millions of Americans are exposed to unhealthy levels of pollution every year. Ozone and small particulate matter, among other pollutants, are widespread in the U.S....

Oct 5, 2021 Report

Wildfires and smoke seem like a West Coast problem, but more and more frequently that smoke reaches the East Coast. The health effects of that...

Oct 5, 2021 Blog Post
dumpster painted with American flag

America produces way, way too much waste. Our systems for dealing with it are in crisis mode.

Sep 30, 2021 Blog Post
recycling bin overflowing with plastic
Moving from destructive consumption towards a zero-waste system. 2021 edition

Our current system of consumption and disposal wastes natural resources and creates pollution that threatens our health, environment and the global climate. Trash in America...

Sep 30, 2021 Report

A coastal city takes action to reduce the most common sources of disposable plastic waste.

Sep 10, 2021 Blog Post

Americans use and discard more than 390 million straws a day. Seattle's ban on plastic straws is reducing that number, and keeping plastic waste out...

Sep 7, 2021 Blog Post