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Urban Design

Big Projects. Bigger Price Tags. Limited Benefits.

America’s infrastructure is in rough shape. Many of our roads, bridges and transit systems are aging and in need of repair. Yet, year after year,...

Jun 26, 2018 Report

With more electric cars on the road, and many more coming soon, cities will face the challenge of where electric vehicles will charge, particularly in...

Mar 30, 2018 Blog Post

A vist to Fes, Morocco, home to the world’s largest urban area with no cars.

Jan 22, 2018 Blog Post
The Environmental Benefits of a Compact and Connected Austin

Austin, Texas, is experiencing explosive population growth and increasing suburban sprawl. Growing Greener reviews academic and other literature on the environmental benefits and potential impacts...

Oct 23, 2017 Report

Repurposing balconies and bridges is part of a wider movement of “biophilic design,” which integrates nature and natural materials and forms into architecture and design...

Aug 10, 2017 Blog Post