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The vision of the future dreamed up by General Motors largely came to pass … but utopia did not follow.

Sep 30, 2015 Blog Post

Forward-thinking cities around the country and around the globe are improving bike infrastructure because they are coming to recognize bicycling as a healthy, affordable, efficient,...

Sep 9, 2015 Blog Post

The average number of hours spent in traffic by an auto commuter hasn’t budged since 2006.

Aug 26, 2015 Blog Post

Of all the possible reasons not to prioritize the North-South Rail Link, the notion that “there’s no money” is the least compelling.

Aug 20, 2015 Blog Post

A system that results in many Americans being almost literally shackled to their vehicles for the purpose of extracting high-interest debt is far from ideal....

Aug 7, 2015 Blog Post

In raising their gas taxes, Maryland and Washington took a politically bold step. However, the result of those moves is likely to be – at...

Jul 15, 2015 Blog Post

If the choice is between a refundable gas tax – which pairs general fund expenditures on transportation with a price signal to drivers – and...

Jul 10, 2015 Blog Post

The political viability of the nation’s current model of transportation policy – which ties revenue for and spending on highways to gas taxes – is...

Jul 8, 2015 Blog Post

We create transit systems to benefit society, not to maximize profits. Raising fares on transit riders might increase revenue, but if the effect of doing...

Jul 7, 2015 Blog Post