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Americans use 4 times more toilet paper than the global average. Producing it puts a global carbon sink at risk.

Apr 24, 2020 Blog Post

This week, New York ditches single-use plastic bags. Congrats! You won’t miss them (much) – here’s some advice from Frontier Group.

Mar 2, 2020 Blog Post
Bring plates to the potluck.

Seeing disposable plates at a casual high school event may not be something we’d think twice about. But a glimpse at the reuse culture in...

Feb 27, 2020 Blog Post
Protecting Our Health and Oceans

Every day, we use millions of plastic bags, straws and utensils, and foam cups and containers for just a few minutes before tossing them, and...

Feb 23, 2020 Report

Amid an explosion of online shopping and rapid shipping, it's time to take a serious look not just at how we recycle, but also at...

Oct 21, 2019 Blog Post

Too often, the impacts of our behavior on the environment and our health are invisible to us, making it hard to see the damage we’re...

Sep 26, 2019 Blog Post

In 1994, the CEOs of seven major tobacco companies in the United States were called before Congress and made to answer for the harm they...

Sep 18, 2019 Blog Post

Reflecting on the ways sustainability has been integrated into daily life on campus, and about the ways in which large-scale sustainability could, and should, be...

Sep 12, 2019 Blog Post

Waste from e-cigs is a new problem, but it is no different than many other disposable products that have come onto the market. And there...

Jun 24, 2019 Blog Post
A Path to Eliminate Waste, Revitalize Soil and Tackle Global Warming

Communities across the U.S. – from rural towns to big cities – are increasingly adopting composting programs to cut the amount of waste they pay...

Jun 13, 2019 Report