R.J. Explains: The trouble with auto loans

Auto debt is at staggering levels, and would-be car purchasers are faced with tricks, traps and deceptive practices designed to take their money. Analyst R.J. Cross digs in.

More Americans have a car loan than at any other point in history. Overall auto debt is at an all-time high. Auto loans are taking longer to pay off than ever and delinquencies are rising. All of this has happened in just the last 10 years – since the end of the Great Recession. What’s going on with auto loans, and what can we do?

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R.J. Cross

Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

R.J. focuses on data privacy issues and the commercialization of personal data in the digital age. Her work ranges from consumer harms like scams and data breaches, to manipulative targeted advertising, to keeping kids safe online. In her work at Frontier Group, she has authored research reports on government transparency, predatory auto lending and consumer debt. Her work has appeared in WIRED magazine, CBS Mornings and USA Today, among other outlets. When she’s not protecting the public interest, she is an avid reader, fiction writer and birder.

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