R.J. Explains: The Trouble with Auto Loans — Resources

More Americans have a car loan than at any other point in history. Overall auto debt is at an all-time high. Auto loans are taking longer to pay off than ever and delinquencies are rising. All of this has happened in just the last 10 years – since the end of the Great Recession. What’s going on with auto loans, and what can we do? Frontier Group Analyst R.J. Cross explains: [YT LINK]


Take action and tell the FTC to stop deceptive car dealer practices related to the sale, financing or leasing of automobiles: https://uspirg.webaction.org/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=36931


Read the full report: https://frontiergroup.org/reports/fg/driving-debt


U.S. PIRG Education Fund’s consumer tips guide video on avoiding tricks and traps when financing a car purchase: https://uspirg.org/feature/usp/buying-car

National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) Consumer Debt Advice for avoiding car repossession & what to do if it happens to you: https://library.nclc.org/motor-vehicle-repossessions-consumer-debt-advice-nclc#author-bottom

NCLC’s compiled list of car consumer resources: https://www.nclc.org/for-consumers/car-information.html

 Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) resources for car buyers: https://www.carconsumers.org/resources.htm


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