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Responding to COVID-19: Information and ideas related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Frontier Group and its partner groups, including U.S. PIRG and Environment America, are producing work related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the headline above for links to blog posts, advocacy, and other resources for understanding and responding to the crisis.

(March 2020)
Banning Single-Use Plastics: Protecting Our Health and Oceans

Every day, we use millions of plastic bags, straws and utensils, and foam cups and containers for just a few minutes before tossing them, and then they can pollute our environment for hundreds of years. We can protect our health and marine animals by banning or limiting these products, as hundreds of communities and nine states have already done. Banning Single-Use Plastics describes the specific problems, actions, and best practices for reducing these polluting items.

(February 2020)
Destination: Zero Carbon: Three Strategies to Transform Transportation in America

In the U.S., transportation is climate enemy number one. America’s transportation system produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector of our economy and, on its own, is responsible for 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – more than the entire economies of France and the United Kingdom combined. Destination: Zero Carbon describes the factors underlying America's high transportation emissions, and proposes three goals that can create a path to a clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation future.

(February 2020)
Protecting the Places We Love: How the Land and Water Conservation Fund Supports Outdoor Recreation in Nevada

Since 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has provided more than $100 million to parks and preservation projects in Nevada, including funds for land acquisition and development, renovation and maintenance, expanding access to outdoor recreation and protecting vulnerable wild lands. Nevada’s LWCF-funded parks and natural lands receive at least 15 million visitors annually, and its local and regional parks millions more.

To further protect natural lands across the country, the government should guarantee full, permanent funding for the LWCF.

(January 2020)
Trouble in the Air: Millions of Americans Breathed Polluted Air in 2018

People across America regularly breathe polluted air that increases their risk of premature death, and can also trigger asthma attacks and other adverse health impacts. Trouble in the Air finds hundreds of communities suffered from elevated levels of air pollution in 2018, a problem that will only grow worse as the climate warms. By cutting the emissions that cause air pollution and contribute to global warming, we can protect public health today, while minimizing the warming that threatens our future.

(January 2020)