Some Republican states would fight forced utility emissions cuts under Biden climate agenda

Nichola Groom

The governors of five Republican states are ready to fight Democratic President-elect Joe Biden if he tries to require the power sector to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

The litigious stance reflects just one of the many obstacles Biden will face as he seeks to deliver on a campaign promise to bring the U.S. economy to net zero emissions by 2050 to combat climate change.

Biden’s pledge includes a goal of cutting net emissions from the power sector – a top source of nationwide greenhouse gases - to zero by 2035, though the president-elect has yet to detail how he intends to make it happen. Lawsuits from states could halt implementation of any Democratic plan, as they did in 2016.

“We can all agree that lower emissions are better, but we should also all be able to agree that cost-prohibitive, counterproductive regulations for the sake of catering to an extreme wing of a political party is destructive,” said Bailey Martin, a spokeswoman for Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves.