San Diego ranks No. 2 in nation for solar

San Diego Union-Tribune
Rob Nikolewski

Solar energy has found an accommodating place on rooftops across the county and according to a report that compiled numbers from major metropolitan areas, San Diego finished second in the nation for solar capacity — in the total amount installed as well as on a per-person basis.

“San Diego is a sunny place and it’s sort of natural for people to think, let’s tap into the sun and be able to use the energy that’s heating up our roofs and turn it into electricity,” said Dan Jacobson, director of Environment California, which released the “Shining Cities 2020" report.

San Diego amassed 420.4 megawatts of total installed solar photovoltaic (PV), the technology that converts sunlight into direct current electricity by using semiconductors. Only Los Angeles racked up more solar PV, with 483.8 megawatts.

On a per capita basis, that breaks down to 294.8 watts for greater San Diego. Honolulu came in first place by a wide margin, with 840.9 watts per person.