Safety advocates unveil "Complete Streets" report to make St. Petersburg safer for biking, walking

Tampa Bay Times
Divya Kumar

ST. PETERSBURG — The movement to make the city's streets safer unveiled a new report outside Perkins Elementary School on Tuesday aimed at making the city's roads safer, including the troublesome one outside the school, 18th Avenue S.

Two of the 14 pedestrian fatalities that took place in the city last year, advocates said, occurred on 18th Avenue S.

"Our streets should be safe, whether you're 8 or 80 years old," Lisa Frank of the Florida Consumer Action Network. "Many streets in St. Petersburg were designed decades ago for the fast movement of cars instead of the safe movement of people."

The network and Frontier Group released the city's "Complete Streets for St. Pete" report on Tuesday, which is an initiative to redesign streets to make them safer for biking, walking and using transit, and that in turn will make the city's populace healthier.

The St. Petersburg-Tampa-Clearwater area was ranked the seventh most dangerous metro area in the country for pedestrian safety by Smart Growth America, the national organization behind the complete streets initiative.