Report: San Antonio Is A Top 10 City For Solar Capacity

Texas Public Radio

San Antonio ranked as a top 10 city in the nation for its solar energy capacity, according to a new report from the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center.

Los Angeles finished first, followed by San Diego, Phoenix, Honolulu, San Jose, New York City, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and Denver.

Austin ranked 15th. Dallas and Houston did not make the top 20 list released on Tuesday.

San Antonio’s city-owned utility CPS Energy reports solar energy capacity in the city grew by nearly 26 percent in 2018, when compared to 2017. Still, less than 2 percent of the utility’s electric customers use solar energy -- 15,000 out of 804,000 total customers.

CPS Energy Chief Operating Officer Cris Eugster said the future of solar does look bright because more consumers have been installing solar panels without the lure of rebates and tax incentives.