Florida is a wasteland when it comes to our garbage. And it’s getting worse thanks to COVID

Miami Herald
Howard Cohen

Sunday is America Recycles Day, and if a new survey is to be believed, Americans better get active on Nov. 15 and get to picking up and recycling.

That’s because, according to the folks who did the Best and Worst States for Waste Management survey, “this flood of garbage grows larger every year, threatening to swamp cities, states and the U.S. It’s basic math: As the population of the U.S. grows, so does the amount of trash we produce.”

And Florida can’t control its waste as we rank No. 39 among the states and that puts us in the “worst” end of the equation.


According to Lawn Starter, a lawn care and landscaping company founded in Austin in 2013, these states managed to do the best job at managing their garbage.