Biodiesel, not electric, buses may join Metro Transit fleet

Yahoo News
Janet Moore

Next week, the Metropolitan Council will consider spending $122 million to buy more than 140 transit buses powered by biodiesel fuel — not electricity.

The 60-foot buses would be part of Metro Transit's fleet, including the Orange Line and the B and D lines, new bus rapid transit lines in the works.

Metro Transit vowed in 2018 to electrify its entire fleet of buses, a move cheered by a coalition of environmental and social justice groups.

According to U.S. PIRG, a Washington, D.C. interest group, battery-powered electric buses can reduce the environmental and health threats posted by regular diesel buses.

The 143 buses that may be purchased by the council would be powered by biodiesel fuel, which is a mixture of diesel gas, soybean byproducts and animal fats.