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Frontier Group director Susan Rakov's letter to the editor printed in the LA Times argues that we have the tools to reduce waste.

Mar 5, 2018 Blog Post

We worked with PennEnvironment to identify Allegheny County’s Toxic Ten – the 10 active facilities emitting the most toxic air pollution in the county. These...

Feb 27, 2018 Blog Post
The Benefits of Cooperative Action Against Global Warming in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Beyond

America and the world need to take urgent action to reduce the dangers posed by global warming. As the Trump administration steps back from global...

Feb 26, 2018 Report
Readying America’s Cities for the Arrival of Electric Vehicles

With more EVs on the road, and many more coming soon, cities will face the challenge of where electric vehicles will charge, particularly in city...

Feb 21, 2018 Report

Local clean energy map and data for Washington towns and cities, based on data from the new report Road to a Fossil Free Washington.

Feb 15, 2018 Blog Post

Nationally, the two biggest culprits for global warming emissions are transportation and power plants. Electric vehicles may be able to help with both.

Feb 15, 2018 Blog Post
How Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Can Repower Washington State

Today, Washington’s transportation system is powered almost entirely by fossil fuels, a dependence that pollutes the air and water, and contributes to global warming. Road...

Feb 15, 2018 Report

In the years since the Great Recession, a torrent of cheap and easy credit has washed over car showrooms and used car lots. Many have...

Feb 15, 2018 Blog Post

Cape Town is running out of water. Unless we start making responsible decisions and using our resources wisely, other parts of the world will face...

Feb 13, 2018 Blog Post
Moving From Destructive Consumption to a Zero-Waste System

The U.S. produces immense amounts of trash. Currently, we extract natural resources to make products that we buy, use – usually briefly – and ultimately...

Feb 12, 2018 Report