Frontier Group Highlights

Frontier Group's analysis of bacteria in Texas waterways was covered in outlets including Newsweek, the Houston Chronicle, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Senior policy analyst Tony Dutzik published an essay on the future of Boston's transportation system for WBUR's Cognoscenti.

The New York Times used coal ash data aggregated by Frontier Group in its overview of toxic threats in the path of Hurricane Florence.

Frontier Group produced and aggregated resources on toxic and risky sites in the paths of Hurricanes Florence and Michael that may be useful to the public, the media and policy-makers.

An AP story reported on the finding from Trouble in the Air that the Las Vegas area had 145 days of poor air quality in 2016. 

In a CNN opinion piece, policy analyst Alana Miller described the threat of oil and gas drilling to one of America's iconic natural areas: Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

Florida canceled plans to add toll roads along Interstate 275 in Tampa, a project that we highlighted as a "highway boondoggle" in our 2016 report.

Our new report on the environmental benefits of electric buses was covered by the Washington Post and Associated Press.

Our latest Following the Money report sparked editorials calling for more government transparency in states including West Virginia and Rhode Island.

The Washington Post reported on one of the new 2018 highway boondoggles: Maryland's $9 billion "Traffic Relief Plan."

Frontier Group's report arguing that U.S. cities need to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the future was covered in the Dallas Morning News.

The Portland Business Journal covered our report on the potential benefits of increasing health care price transparency in Oregon.

The Denver Post provided coverage of our Troubled Waters report, which found that in recent years dozens of facilities in Colorado have violated the Clean Water Act and polluted waterways with dangerous bacteria and chemicals.

Senior Policy Analyst Tony Dutzik moderated a panel at the Shared Mobility Summit on the role of shared mobility in moving the nation toward carbon-free transportation.

Wind Power to Spare was covered in a Think Progress piece detailing the enormous potential for Atlantic offshore wind to supply clean energy to the East Coast.

How can America meet its 21st century infrastructure needs? CNN published an op-ed by Tony Dutzik explaining where to start.

Frontier Group hosted a webinar for the release of our report on the role of energy storage in repowering the country with clean energy.

Business Insider's report on $35 tolls in Washington, D.C., cited Who Pays for Roads on the inability of user fees to cover highway costs.

Following the Money was cited in a Morningstar report on transparency at the Port of Houston special district, which we gave the nation's top ranking for online financial transparency.

Frontier Group and TransitCenter produced a report on the $7 billion federal tax subsidy that worsens traffic congestions in big American cities.

Frontier Group produced a series of factsheets detailing hazardous waste and other pollution threats resulting from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

CNN Money highlighted a map of credit freeze fees created by Frontier Group and U.S. PIRG.

Our report on CarMax selling vehicles with recalled parts was covered by CBS News.

CNBC created five charts highlighting data from our report on financial complaints by older consumers.

Growing Greener, our report on the environmental benefits of compact development in Austin, was covered in Bloomberg.