Webinar: The True Value of Solar


To help develop smart public policy around solar energy, many public utilities commissions, utilities and other organizations have conducted or sponsored “value-of-solar” studies that attempt to quantify the monetary value of the benefits delivered, and costs imposed, by the addition of solar energy to the electric grid. Many value-of-solar studies, however – especially those conducted by electric utilities – have left out key benefits of solar energy.

The True Value of Solar, a new report by Frontier Group and Environment America Research and Policy Center, argues that energy policy should account for the full value of solar energy -- including societal benefits for the environment and public health.

For the report release on July 11, 2019, co-authors Gideon Weissman and Emma Searson were joined by Karl R. Rábago, Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center, to discuss the report and its significance to ongoing policy debates.