Superfund Sites in the Path of Hurricanes Florence and Michael


(Note, 10/9/18: Hurricane Michael is projected to make landfall as a major hurricane along the Florida Gulf Coast, and then traverse much of the same area that was affected by Hurricane Florence. A fact sheet produced by our partners at U.S. PIRG Education Fund with information about Superfund sites in Florida can be found below, along with a fact sheet prepared in advance of Hurricane Florence on Superfund sites elsewhere in the Southeast.)

Since 1980, the Superfund toxic waste cleanup program has worked to protect the one in four Americans, including more than 10 million children, who live within four miles of the nation’s most polluted toxic waste sites.  There are over 1,300 of these sites across the country.  

There are dozens of Superfund hazardous waste sites in states potentially affected by Hurricane Florence. Flooding of hazardous waste sites can result in toxic substances finding their way into flood waters and nearby communities.

The factsheet linked below provides further information on Superfund sites in areas that may be affected by Hurricane Florence.