Infographic: The Challenges of Charging


Electric vehicles (EVs) offer many benefits for California, including cleaner air and the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles are far cleaner than gasoline-powered cars, and produce less carbon pollution and fewer of the emissions that lead to smog and particulate pollution. Unfortunately, the day-to-day experience of EV drivers seeking to charge up their vehicles has a long way to go to match the ease and convenience of refueling a gasoline-powered car – especially when it comes to public charging. 

The below infographic, from Frontier Group's 2019 report Ready to Charge, lays out the cumbersome steps that EV owners must sometimes follow in order charge their vehicle, particularly compared to how people are used to easily refueling their cars at gas stations. To improve the charging experience, policmakers should use public policy tools and state investments in EV infrastructure to improve access to charging for all EV users.

Splash photo: Wikimedia user Grendelkhan (CC BY-SA 3.0)