In the winter of 2000-2001, millions of California homes went dark as manipulation of California’s deregulated electricity market created rolling blackouts and bankrupted a utility. It also set the stage for a clean energy revolution...

Acknowledging that vehicle travel is not destined to continue growing rapidly forever – and, more audaciously, suggesting that a new generation of Americans might prefer less car-dominated lives – can drive policymakers and the public...

Why are there suddenly so many ticks everywhere? One big factor is climate change, which is likely to keep making the problems of ticks and the diseases they carry worse. That's only one impact of...

Beginning our look back at 25 years of Frontier Group: the research we've produced, and the partnerships and people that made it all possible.

As the pandemic nears its end and we start heading out into the world, will we go back to how things used to be, or will we take this opportunity to build a new normal?...

“Change” is often seen as synonymous with “sacrifice,” especially where the environment is concerned. But sometimes giving things up is no sacrifice at all. There are some fossil fuel-intensive activities that make us absolutely miserable....

Thirteen states have joined the ZEV program, cleaning the air while accelerating deployment of zero-emission vehicles. Who’s next?

How, in the middle of a climate crisis, does it make sense to make driving artificially cheap by refusing to charge drivers the full cost it imposes on society? And how can subsidizing driving be...

Traffic noise isn’t just annoying – it’s damaging to our health. Electric vehicles can help.

Geothermal energy holds enormous promise for decarbonization. A recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory webinar gave me insight into why that is.

How can U.S. communities secure cheaper, cleaner electricity for their residents? Community bulk power can help.

Even if a discounted rail pass isn’t enough to get American youth to fall in love with trains, it may just help them to fall in love with America.

Austin has implemented policies that make it a national leader in supporting electric vehicles. Every city can follow their lead.

America’s auto-centric transportation system is wrecking our health and the environment, but through proven policies and existing technologies, we can fix that.

In this month's newsletter: wind power, marine protected areas, zombies and more.

Burning oil and gas inside releases climate pollution that damages the environment and air pollution that damages our health. Running buildings on electricity is more efficient, cleaner and safer.

The enormous problems with NFTs can be solved by switching to our new form of digital collectible: NFTIs.

Authenticated digital art is skyrocketing. But few are aware that NFTs use 10 times more energy than other crypto transactions — a shocking waste of resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to consider what work is essential to our society. It's time we start including caregiving on that list.