NFTIs: Like NFTs but better

The enormous problems with NFTs can be solved by switching to our new form of digital collectible: NFTIs.

Bryn Huxley-Reicher

Former Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

You’ve heard of NFTs. They’re the hot new thing in digital collectibles, but maybe you’ve also heard of their environmental impact. Maybe you’re not willing to pay more than $900,000 for a red square. We need a solution.

That’s why we’re proposing a new form of digital product that captures the fun and excitement of NFTs but without the obscene prices and environmental hangover. They’re called NFTIs: Normally Fungible Transferrable Images.

NFTIs are just like NFTs, but with one simple difference: these come with no claims of uniqueness and without the enormous environmental destruction. You can download, share and modify them for free, because they’re just nifty images.

Check out our initial NFTI release below, and download the NFTIs at the bottom of this page.

A NFTI little token to help you find your way:

A NFTI reminder of the value of healthy ecosystems, from our friends at the National Park Service:

A NFTI way to fight the waste problem:

Bear NFTI Credit: U.S. National Parks Service

Splash image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Bryn Huxley-Reicher

Former Policy Analyst, Frontier Group

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