Frontier Group Resources on Nuclear Power

Frontier Group has worked to point out the downsides of nuclear power for a decade.

For the past decade, Frontier Group has been working closely with U.S. PIRG and other Public Interest Network organizations to provide compelling information and relevant facts on nuclear issues.

Previous Frontier Group reports have documented the high cost of new nuclear power plants, challenged the assertion that nuclear power is a solution to global warming, and suggested ways that clean energy strategies can be used to replace aging nuclear power plants, or prevent the need for new ones.

We have also prepared a briefing guide to nuclear waste storage problems in Washington state, made the case for closing Oyster Creek in New Jersey at the expiration of its operating license, and compiled strategies that local organizations can deploy in challenging the “nuclear renaissance.”

Events in Japan serve as a stark reminder that nuclear power poses unacceptable risks, and reinforce our commitment to build a future powered by safe energy sources.