California Cities – Leading the Race Toward a Clean Energy Future

Our latest report tracks the progress of California's cities in transforming their energy infrastructure with solar photovoltaic power.

California’s solar photovoltaic market is thriving, led by homeowners, businesses and local governments from populated coastal cities to farm communities in the Inland Valley. Our latest report, California’s Solar Cities 2012, takes a snapshot of the progress of each city in California in installing solar panels on rooftops and near buildings.

Every time I fly into Los Angeles, I’m struck by just how much empty rooftop space spans the city. During the day, the rays of the sun bathe those rooftops in light. Capturing the energy in that light will be a key part of building a sustainable future and a stable climate for our civilization.

Every watt of electricity from a solar panel reduces the need for dirty, unsafe energy sources like natural gas, coal, or nuclear power. Also, every solar panel installed on a rooftop or near a building translates into jobs for Californians and fuel for the state economy.

And every new policy initiative that accelerates the growth of the solar market further opens the door for everyday citizens to play a part in the next great energy transition – one that will transform our economy, generate jobs, protect our health, and preserve our environment for generations to come.

See some coverage of California’s leading solar cities in the Los Angeles Times, a New York Times blog post, and on Sacramento’s ABC news station.

Bernadette Del Chiaro, Energy Programs Director for Frontier Group’s partner organization Environment California Research & Policy Center, speaks about California’s leading solar cities at a press conference in Sacramento, accompanied by Mayor Kevin Johnson, other elected officials, and community members benefiting from solar power.