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Childhood Hunger in America's Suburbs: The Changing Geography of Poverty

Childhood Hunger in America’s Suburbs shows the changing geography of childhood hunger at a time of growing suburban poverty. This report demonstrates that the risk of childhood hunger is an issue affecting nearly every American community, including communities that might otherwise think that hunger is a problem that occurs “somewhere else.”

(September 2015)
Fracking on University of Texas Lands: The Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Land Owned by the University of Texas System

As the state’s flagship educational institution and a significant landholder, the University of Texas has a particular responsibility to protect the environment, Texas’ special places and public health. Fracking on university-owned lands, which fund UT and the Texas A&M System, put pressure on scarce water resources, introduced hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic substances to the environment, worsened global warming, and threatened migratory birds and endangered species. Fracking on University of Texas Lands: The Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Land Owned by the University of Texas System quantifies this damage this dangerous practice has wrought on university lands.

(September 2015)
Lighting the Way: The Top States that Helped Drive America’s Solar Energy Boom in 2014

America’s solar energy revolution continues to be led by a small group of states that have the greatest amount of solar energy capacity installed per capita. These 10 states have opened the door for solar energy and are reaping the rewards as a result.

(September 2015)
Cool Solutions: Ten Emerging Technologies and Trends that Can Help Massachusetts Meet Bold Goals for Curbing Global Warming

Achieving the goal of cutting emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050 will require Massachusetts to fully implement previous commitments to reduce global warming pollution. It will also require us to take full advantage of a new wave of game-changing opportunities – highlighted in Cool Solutions, from cutting-edge technologies to emerging societal trends – that can help Massachusetts build on its position of national leadership in the fight against global warming.

(August 2015)
California's Solar Success Story: How the Million Solar Roofs Initiative Transformed the State's Solar Energy Landscape

California's Million Solar Roofs Initiative has successfully transformed the state's solar energy landscape. A future in which solar energy is increasingly abundant and cost-competitive was the goal envisioned by policymakers a decade ago when California adopted the landmark Million Solar Roofs Initiative. It was designed to pave the way for a clean energy future – bringing solar energy within reach of more California residents and businesses. It worked: California’s solar photovoltaic capacity has increased more than 12-fold thanks to the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. The growth in solar energy in California is helping the state meet its goals for reducing emissions of global warming pollutants while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and spurring a new and vibrant clean energy economy.

(July 2015)